About Jen

014_Medium ResolutionJen Dryer MA is a parent coach and educational consultant for parents and educators of neuro-different children (those with learning, behavioral and/or developmental challenges, with or without diagnoses). She is mother to two sweet, loving boys,  the younger of whom is autistic and has ADHD, and has greatly benefited from myriad (and some free!) therapies since he was 18 months old. It is clear that early intervention and strong parent advocacy has dramatically shifted the trajectory of her son’s life and has brought great insights, practical strategies and emotional comfort to her family to effectively address her son’s and her family’s needs. Jen passionately shares her knowledge and expertise with parents and educators of neuro-different children who have greater needs than their typically developing peers so that they can navigate the process, both logistically and emotionally, of getting children appropriately evaluated and securing the most effective and supportive services, and better supporting their children’s growth at home. Jen also co-founded Raising Orchid Kids, alongside experienced Speech and Language Pathologist, Gabriele Nicolet, a program in which they offer practical strategies courses and ongoing support for parents of neuro-different children.

A graduate of Brown University (BA) and Columbia University’s Teachers College (MA), Jen is a native New Yorker who grew up in the northern suburbs and spent 13 years living in NYC before moving to DC in January, 2009. Prior to her work as a parent advocate and educational consultant, Jen was an educator for 13 years in NYC public schools, and 5 years in DC area public, charter and private schools, as 6-12th grade teacher and as an upper elementary and middle school Literacy Coach/Staff Developer, coaching and supporting teachers and school administration. She has also been a yoga instructor since 2006, which has given her powerful tools for facing the challenges of raising a child with special needs (and for navigating parenting in general!). When she’s not working with families or teaching, she can often be found practicing yoga, walking her sweet dog, biking, hiking, reading or playing tennis.

You can reach Jen at jendryer.parentadvocate@gmail.com.

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