Helping Parents and Educators Navigate Early Intervention for Children 0-5

As a mother and parent advocate, I support parents of children ages 0-5 who may have developmental delays navigate the complex and emotionally challenging process of getting their child the services and therapies they need in order to overcome their greatest challenges and close the gap with their age level peers. I also provide professional development for early childhood educators in sharing developmental expectations with parents and in structuring difficult conversations with parents whose children may present developmental delays.
I stand alongside parents through this logistically and emotionally overwhelming process, explaining what to expect at evaluations and follow up meetings, sitting beside them for any and all appointments and meetings, supporting them in working more effectively with their child’s therapists, helping them navigate the complicated transition from Strong Start (ages 0-3) to Early Stages (3-5 yrs 10 months), and empowering them to effectively advocate for their child so that the entire family receives the best possible outcomes from early intervention. If you’re considering whether early intervention is appropriate for your child, have recently had your child evaluated and are navigating the early intervention process, or are about to transition from Strong Start to Early Stages in DC, email me today at