Why Early Intervention?

Early Intervention (EI) uses targeted services to support children ages 0-5 who may have developmental delays in order to help them bridge the gap between them and their typically developing age-level peers. The first 5 years, and particularly the first 3, are critical to a child’s brain and physical development, so if your child seems to be lagging in any area of development, EI can have a tremendous impact. According to the US Department of Education, brain development is most significant between ages 0-3 and human brains reach 90% of their full capacity by age 5! (https://sites.ed.gov/fbnp/files/2013/07/Education-Matters-CFBNP-Childrens-Brain-Development.pdf)

If your intuition is telling you something is off with your child’s development, have him or her evaluated for FREE, through the state (or District of Columbia) where you live, or seek a private evaluation. The key is getting the evaluation as early as possible. No one wins when you wait!